A few years ago, you didn’t have to struggle to keep your talent in the office. All of your employees were just happy to have a job because the alternative involved floundering in the hurricane of unemployment and a weak economy.

Now that the economy is on its way to recovery, your talented employees are less nervous about taking risks and applying for new jobs. How do you keep your talent, especially your IT talent, in the office when they might be looking for rosier opportunities elsewhere?

You Have to Make Them Love Their Jobs

If you want to keep your IT talent, you have to make them feel secure and comfortable in the job they already have. You have five potential ways to do this:

1. Monetary Rewards: Giving your hardworking IT employees bonuses or raises might help them feel needed and appreciated. Rewarding them with more money might also keep them from finding a higher-paying job somewhere else.

2. Meaningful Work: Employees often feel discouraged if they’re stuck doing menial tasks. If your IT people spend all of their time fixing basic hardware issues instead of working on more demanding and rewarding tasks, they’ll hate their jobs. Hire a company like Virtual Technology to fix those basic hardware issues. Your IT superstars will appreciate it.

3. Flexible Schedules: Some companies keep their employees on a very rigid, tight schedule and penalize them every time they get sick or leave early for a doctor’s appointment. If you do this, all of your employees—not just your IT talent—will leave at the first available opportunity.

4. Telecommuting Opportunities: Many professionals in technological or creative fields prefer to work from home some of the time. Give your IT employees the ability to work from home without a hassle, and they’ll reward you by staying with your company.

5. Improved Workplace Culture: A good workplace culture needs an element of fun and creativity. Hold raffles, take your employees out to lunch, host parties, give out T-shirts, or find other fun, creative ways to show appreciation for your people. You should also give plenty of opportunities for your employees to safely voice ideas about the improvement of the company, and you should take those ideas seriously.

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You can implement most of these strategies on your own, but if you want to give your employees more meaningful work, you might need a third party to help you.Virtual Technology has 30 years of experience with maintaining servers, storage devices, network devices, and other hardware. Call us at 248-528-6565 to learn more!