When it comes to speeding up your server, you’ll have to keep in mind two things: software and hardware. Smart decisions in either category will help bring your server up to speed.

Speeding Up Your Software

A server is a processing unit, but it cannot process requests at an efficient pace unless it is programmed for efficiency. And efficiency is not a simple concept to program.

If a large request comes through, then the whole line gets blocked up. Having a single queue can become problematic. But having too many queues may leave valuable resources underutilized, since there may be queues that occasionally rather than constantly receive a request.

The sweet spot is to program the server to fully utilize and intelligently compartmentalize the server’s resources. Depending on whether the server is processing web pages, mail, or video will determine how the server needs to be programmed.

Whatever the case is, make sure that you are running the right program on your server to optimize the utility of your hardware and the experience for your users.

Hurrying Your Hardware

The other aspect of server speed to consider is hardware. This is not as vital as the programs your server is running, since any computer can function as a server, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Using cars as a metaphor, if you are transporting large supplies, then you’ll want a truck, but if you are looking for speed, then you’ll want a sports car. Both cars will carry more than your arms can and both drive faster than you can run, but one is optimized for speed while the other is optimized for transporting material.

When making hardware decisions, you should keep the same principles in mind. Try to find server hardware that matches the requests it will receive.

If you are hosting a lot of websites, then you will want hardware that has a fast processor and a good amount of RAM to package the information being sent out to clients.

If you are running a file sharing server, then it would be important to have a server with an SSD, allowing the information to be retrieved and recorded at a faster rate.

The last aspect of hardware to consider is the network connection. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve programmed your server, nor does it matter what kind of tech specs you have on your hardware, because if you don’t have a fast network connection the whole process will bottleneck as the information tries to come and go.

Getting Help Fast

Whether you need help upgrading your hardware or programming your server to better meet the needs of your company, Virtual Technology, Inc. is here to provide you with services and computing products to get your business up to speed.