Recently, your company has outgrown its IT department and network capabilities. You need to expand, but your business lacks the space for it. Nor do you have the funds necessary to construct additional space or relocate to a new office.

For that reason, you have looked into working with a data center. You will simply purchase space in the center’s massive network—you will not need a larger IT team or more hardware.

However, you still have misgivings about entrusting your network and information to a third party. You worry about security and reliability, and you wonder if these centers’ benefits outweigh their risks.

Below, we have outlined a few common misconceptions about data centers, including myths about their security. Once you’ve learned the truth, you’ll know that one of these centers can help your business grow faster than ever before.

1. Your Network and Information Stay Safer Outside Data Centers

You, like many business owners, may believe that you keep your information safer when you store it onsite. You may also believe that your network stays more secure when you hide it inside your business’s walls.

Because a data center takes part—or all—of your information storage and network out of your building, you might worry about security. However, you have no reason to feel anxious.

Data centers employ teams of highly skilled IT experts and use complex network security measures to ensure all your information and processes stay safe. These experts can fortify your storage as well as your own IT team can—if not better. Their sole job involves maintaining the center, and part of that maintenance includes top-notch security.

Additionally, if you worry about data center employees breaching your security, keep in mind that the same risk exists at your company. However, the center will have better tracking techniques and safety protocols associated with their professionals.

2. Data Centers Only Store Information

You already know that data centers allow you increased storage and network capabilities. However, these centers accomplish far more than that. They can also help your business do the following:

  • Data analysis so you can innovate and problem solve to improve your company’s processes
  • Communication so you can better speak with employees, partners, suppliers, clients, and thought leaders
  • Financial transaction facilitation for trading partners so your company can make money more quickly without fear of transfer interruption or security problems

Your company as a whole could become more efficient and productive when you work with a data center. Therefore, if your business practices could use some enhancement, find your preferred center and ask which of the above they can help you with.

Also, even if you only need additional data storage, one of these centers can free up some space on your company’s servers. As a result, your overtaxed system will become faster.

3. Your Space in the Data Center Costs a Fortune

You have heard that data centers require a lot of space and energy to operate, so they charge exorbitant amounts for companies to use that space. However, you will find, when you speak to center professionals in your area, that most provide reasonable prices.

In fact, you will save money when you work with a data center because you won’t have to renovate or relocate your office. Your space in the center costs far less than relocation fees. Additionally, you’ll have fewer monetary troubles because your network will work more quickly, allowing you to earn money faster. Your data storage center will pay for itself in that regard.

4. Data Centers Increase Your Carbon Footprint

Again, you’ve likely heard that these centers need a lot of energy to operate. They house yards and yards of servers, and those servers use a lot of power and generate a significant amount of heat. To combat that heat and keep the servers functioning, centers have to run their air conditioners on the highest setting around the clock.

While some data centers had issues with this phenomenon in the past, they do not have it anymore. Modern technology has made servers and air conditioners more efficient. Servers use less energy and create less heat, so air conditioners do not have to work as hard.

Therefore, if you want to give your company a green image, a partnership with a data center will not change that.

5. Data Centers Will Become Obsolete Because of the Cloud

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular in recent years, so many individuals and corporate bodies believe they don’t need data centers. However, the Cloud would not exist if not for these centers. That information does not merely float in the ether. When you put it in the Cloud, it goes to a data center.

The Cloud gives you a convenient way to store and process information; however, you have more control over where your data goes if you choose a center yourself.


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