Receive Dell Third Party Maintenance & Support

Dell products are so common to today’s IT systems that it’s increasingly critical to get the right 3rd-party Dell hardware support—one that maximizes infrastructure without disrupting your system. At Virtual Technology, our experts are on hand to ensure you don’t lose productivity or data.

How do we do it?

We begin by offering you a cost-efficient support model that extends your Dell systems’ lifespan beyond a typical OEM warranty. We also help IT managers avoid unnecessary hardware refreshes that might cause server, storage, or network problems or derail your work flow.

Trusted Value from one of the World’s Top Dell Support Providers

When you choose Virtual Technology as your support provider, you’re tapping into over 30 years of resources of one of the largest and most respected Dell third party maintenance providers in the nation. To us, all support is mission critical.

Here are a few benefits of our Dell support services:

• Minimum 50% savings on Dell hardware (includes PowerVault® storage & PowerEdge® servers)
• Greater returns on IT investments through overall reduced costs
• Extended life on current Dell systems
• Service Level Agreements tailored towards your IT assets and needs
• In-warranty uplift programs beyond OEM
• Seamless integration with current warranty
• Global support from a vast network of trusted engineers and affiliates
• Certified OS technical support

Your work is too important to risk down-time losses. Keep your web hosting, cloud storage, or network systems functional and reliable through VT’s Dell support services.

Talk to one of our support specialists today at 248.524.0958 or email us at At Virtual Technology, we provide a better solution for your Dell platform. Call today.

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