Virtual Technology, Inc. Technical Support: A Step Ahead


We exist to bring your business the highest level of technological expertise, scalability and customer service.  Virtual Technology, Inc. is proud to offer our maintenance support programs with the highest level of technical support, and professional customer service. Virtual Technology, Inc. is staffed with top quality technical expertise and engineering capabilities that we offer to our customers at drastically reduced prices.  Virtual Technology’s service representatives are trained to resolve problems that span technology platforms, brands and device types.  When solving your problem, Virtual Technology has a culture of urgency. This is supported, by extensive geographic coverage to make sure that we get the right skills and resources to you at the right time.

Virtual Technology’s support team is at your service 24 x 7. When you call our support line, you are connected to a live operator, who will open a service ticket and put you in immediate contact with one of our on call technical account managers. The technical account manager will efficiently work to resolve the issues based upon the service level agreement you have with Virtual Technology, Inc.  Virtual Technology, Inc. employs experienced technicians to handle support calls, giving you quick access to an expert skill set. This spares you the all-too-common call escalation nightmare that can occur when you are trying to get assistance on a complex problem.

Oracle Solaris and HP UX – Operating System Telephone Support


Virtual Technology’s support services can help you with questions and problems you may have related to the Oracle Solaris and HP UX operating system and many layered software products.  Virtual Technology, Inc can recreate customer problems offline—making it possible to solve problems easily and efficiently.

Virtual Technology’s O.S. Software Support guarantees expert attention and consistent, personal service. Advantages to Solaris and HP-UX users include unbiased recommendations on software and hardware to keep systems running smoothly.