New & Refurbished IT Hardware

Power Up with Best-in-Class Products

Man installing refurbished IT hardwareVirtual Technology, Inc. is truly your one-stop shop for quality new, used and refurbished IT hardware. Virtual Technology, Inc. buys, sells, leases, rents, consigns and trades just about every product line including:

  •     Sun Microsystem
  •     HP
  •     IBM
  •     DELL
  •     Net App
  •     EMC
  •     Nortel

With each product, we offer a 1 year advanced replacement warranty to our customers. At Virtual Technology, Inc., we focus on lowering your costs for IT equipment while staying committed to top quality and a green environment.


Harvesting Hardware Savings

Essentially the secondary market is the supply of new open box and refurbished IT equipment. According to some manufacturers this market has been painted as a no go area, the logic of their argument is self-serving “You can’t trust anything or anyone else, buy directly and only buy new equipment”.

The grey market is simply a problem of manufacturers not being able to control sales regions within the global economy. There is nothing wrong with this; it is a matter of market forces creating a price opportunity.

The black market deals in stolen or counterfeit goods. A rule of thumb is if the price is too good to be true, then it is!

The term secondary market is rather clumsy, and perhaps a better way to describe it is the “green market”.

It is clearly far better to recover and reuse equipment where possible and that is the position of Virtual Technology, Inc.