Get All Your Tech and Product Support in One Place

Imagine having one place to go for all of your IT needs – a place where you can get Dell, HP, Oracle, IBM, and blade server technical support under one roof. With the products and services provided by Virtual Technology, your company can have the support it needs.

We provide comprehensive technical support and professional service for the products and brands listed below.

IT Hardware

Servers Workstations Storage Manufacturers
·    Sun/Oracle
·    HP
·    DELL
·    IBM
·    Sun/Oracle
·    HP
·    DELL
·    IBM
·    Hitachi
·    Blue Arc
·    EMC
·    HDS
·    Nexsan
·    Pillar Data
·    Quantum
·    Rorke Data
·    Xiotech


Storage Technologies Networking
·    Fibre Disk
·    IP SAN
·    iSCSI
·    LTO-4 Tape
·    NAS
·    Optical
·    SAN
·    SATA Disk
·    Tape
·    Brocade
·    Cisco
·    Emulex
·    Force10
·    IBM SAN Directors
·    IBM SAN Switches
·    Load Balancers
·    QLogic


Upgrades & Spares

Cisco Hardware Dell HP Hardware
·    GBICs
·    Network Modules
·    WICs
·    System boards
·    CPU
·    Disk Drives
·    CPU
·    Memory
·    Storage


IBM Hardware Sun Hardware
·    AS/400 Features
·    CPU
·    Internal Disk Memory
·    System boards
·    Memory
·    Storage


We put our 31 year of tech support to work any time you need technical support or service on any of the aforementioned products. We are licensed and serve customers across the nation, and are qualified to handle any of your general computer concerns as well.

We offer warranty services, flexible service level contracts, and extensive parts planning. Contact Virtual Technology today to see how our business can help your business run better.